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How to paint a wine glass

Updated: Dec 3, 2017

See how I turn an old wine glass into a work of art.

Last week, while sorting through my room I came across some old wine glasses.  Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy a nice glass of wine, but these glasses have not been used in a long time. I thought to myself, “hmm…what should I do with these?”

I glanced over at my box of colorful acrylic paints and that was when I got the idea to use this wine glass as my blank canvas!  I could then transform this wine glass to store my pens and pencils that were scattered on my desk.  “Let’s jazz it up a bit,”  I thought to myself.  I set up my supplies and free hand painted the design in the video below.

If you are not yet comfortable painting free hand, you can also print out a design or picture and tape it onto the inside of the glass.  This will help guide you in the placement of your design.

This technique can be used on anything you’ve got laying around.  Picture frames, boxes, and candle holders can also be a blank canvas.  These items also make for great custom gifts.  When you come across an ordinary object, why not use it as a blank canvas?  Transform it into a colorful piece of art!

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