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Guitar footprint birthday card

Updated: Dec 3, 2017

Easy birthday card to make from the baby.

This week my hubby had a birthday and I wanted to make a cute card for him from our 7 month year old daughter.  I LOVE crafts, so I thought this was an easy way I could include my daughter by making a footprint birthday card for him.  This is also a perfect gift for Father’s day or made as a keepsake for grandparents or teachers.

What you will need:

  • Paper or card stock

  • Acrylic paint

  • Paper plate

  • Paint brush

  • Paper cutter (if making it into a card)

  • Double sided tape/glue

  • Markers

Use the brush to spread your paint out to fit the size of your little one’s foot. Place your little one’s foot in the paint and then press foot down firmly on your paper or card stock.  Set this aside to dry.

While the footprint is drying use your paper cutter to cut out your preferred card size. I cut mine down to a 5×7 card and used a solid and patterned paper.

Cut your footprint out to fit the front of your card and tape or glue it onto the card.

Use markers to transform the footprint into a guitar and decorate your card however you’d like and write a personal note on the inside!

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