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What is Crystal's Canvas?

Crystal's Canvas is all about inspiring you to create art from the heart. Hi, I’m Crystal Simpelo, the Founder and Creator of Crystal’s Canvas, and I believe that you definitely have the ability to create your own piece of art, even if you think you don’t have the art skills or the talent. My job is to help you believe that you can.

Meet the Artist

Crystal Simpelo is truly an artist at heart, and the author of The Colorful Expression of Your Soul: A Mandala Coloring Book and Meditative Creative Journal. She has been in love with art ever since she could hold a crayon, which eventually evolved into her love of learning new ways to use that art. As a kid, she also knew that she wanted to be a teacher. Now she currently facilitates art parties in the Chicagoland area. Simpelo’s professional expertise as an artist was established when she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Northern Illinois University with a concentration on Interactive Art. Her creative nature is also extended into her Massage Therapy practice, where clients have raved about her as “THE best massage therapist and overall healer in the Chicagoland area.” Simpelo currently lives in her hometown of Lombard, IL with her loving husband and daughter. When she’s not creating art from the heart, you can find her playing the piano and checking out live music. Simpelo’s mission in life is to raise the vibration of this world and promote a positive state of being through art.

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